8100 Watt Solar Power System

some people call these the back up solar panels so in this distribution panel here are all the circuits in the home that are on the solar system and you have to trace and find which circuit you want whether it be a washing machine or lights or a microwave or refrigerator freezer security devices whatever you want to run off the grid if the grid goes down we put those in a separate panel that is fed from the other panels our two distribution panels in this house this is one of them there's one upstairs and so when the power goes out this panel is live and so you won't notice any power outages due to the system being on battery backup and I'll show you that so that's probably the hardest problem any of these jobs is tracing finding the circuits in working with customer determine what they want to run in a grid down situation and it's not cost-effective to do the whole house of course and a lot of 220 loads we do not put on these systems like the inverter is can handle it so things like well pumps are good but we also look for other ways to put on to do their water so we're using a hybrid water heater in the system I'm going to show you that next okay this is the zan tracks or schneider electric system 600 volt charge controllers two of them you see the combiner here for the solar and this is the the latest connects to XW which was the 60/40 8xw before it's the connects system now is pretty much the same I had some new updated features but this is your inverter charger system and battery backup battery systems in here it's a 48 volt absorbed glass mat it is a thousand amp hours I believe thousand amp hour battery bank this is the GE GeoSpring hybrid water heater and this will allow them to have a hot shower off of solar and to make water slow and steady off off of the Sun we're going to plumb it in with the existing water heater that they have which is propane but this will be their propane saver if they can run there and make most of their hot water off of their solar investment engineer 775 I want to show you what another hybrid battery backup system you're looking about 8,000 watts of solar I think those are 270 watt panels on a shredder bound flood ground mount let me show you behind it basically four poles four struts are set in and angle is adjustable and this arrays facing uh pretty much facing south and might be a little bit off one or two kind of line it up with their fence because aesthetics is important as well try to do a black framed panel just because they have black wrought iron around here so try to not make it stand out like a sore thumb but flutter makes a really nice ground mount and they make this style they make ballasted so we're going to be doing a bunch of these this year and anyway so this hybrid battery backup system if you need help with doing one of these I would like to have one installed or get a quote on a system let me know these are you can this one is capable of selling back to the grid you can go completely off grid if you want but it's also nice to have the ability to use the grid while you have it keep those batteries up to snuff get your just it's just nice to do not tax the batteries too much you need to cycle them and then it depends on the battery type but anyway that's a whole other whole other video on what batteries to choose and why for your system okay but anyway hope you got enough to at least appreciate what goes into one of these systems and if you have any questions and would like one let me know there's all sorts of Tanks opportunities with these systems but of course you got to make the money take advantage of the tax credits that are available I'm not an accountant don't want to be so talk to your tax preparer to prepare to determine if this is a good thing for for you I think it's good no matter what and your own power even if it's a ten year 12 year 15 year payback it still is it's a great thing and to have power when the grid goes down is even better okay engineer 775 signing off from solar land

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