7,500 LG Solar Panels Power Major Australian Logistics Centre with 3MW System

Located at Qube's Moorebank Intermodal Logistics
Precinct. This is the first of many distribution centers
that will be linked via direct train line to Port Botany. We at Modcol have been contracted to supply
and install the three megawatt roof-mounted solar farm, one of the largest of its kind
in Southern Hemisphere. We needed to be selective with the products
being used on site. Considering the volume of scope, corrosion
resistant materials, and ultimately maximizing the roof space, allowing as much PV generation
as possible, we saw LG's 400W NeON 2 panel as the best solution. This is one of the most efficient and reliable
panels available to the market. Not only does it come with a 25-year product
warranty, but LG made the entire quantity readily available for installation during
the construction stage of the project. This allows for the benefits of this system
to be instantaneous once the building has been handed over.

The efficiency and product size of the panel
meant less panels required and virtually no shading on the PV system. All energy consumption on this precinct derives
from the distribution centers that operate with large electrical loads. As this PV system feeds back into the precincts
high voltage embedded network, if target were to not consume all energy from their warehouse
roof, it can be distributed to other facilities on the precinct, eliminating any lost power
produced from the system. Progressive companies like Qube, designing
and building their facilities, using state of the art solar energy, are securing cheaper
and cleaner energy for their tenants for the coming decades..

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