6kW Solar System with Battery – 6kW ऑफ ग्रिड सोलर सिस्टम से क्या – क्या चलेगा & Price कितना आयेगा?

Hello friends myself Vinu Singh. Welcome to Loom solar youtube channel Today we are going to discuss What are the components used in a 6 kW solar system? And what is the price of those components? What is the price of a 6kw solar system? And how its work? We are in Sirsaganj Uttar Pardesh India And that house belongs to Mr. Parveen Pratap Singh Who installed the 6kw solar system? And it is the off-grid solar system. And we are going to tell you what are the components used in this system. first of all, I would like to tell you I am standing tin shed And that solar system of 6kw installed on the tin shed We are with our customer Mr. Parveen Pratap Singh Welcome to our channel sir Hi Sir, we want to take your short introduction? My name is Praveen Pratap Singh I am a resident of Sirsaganj Ima living there for 20 years Sir, what is your occupation? I have potato cold storage There we store potatoes. What are the needs for a solar system there? Because there is a long hours Power outage That's why we installed battery backup off-grid solar system How many hours of power outage happen there every day? There is no schedule or fixed time some time it happens for 2 -4 hours or more So, friends, you can see 2-4 hours Power outage is normal for here So we can understand why you installed a solar system.

But why you installed a 6kw solar system? I installed a 6kw solar system for running 1 ac and home load too Do you want to tell us what is the daily consumption of electricity in your home? In my home 3 ac and another home load Total around 20-25 units But few of them I am running solar system. Now you are satisfied with your solar system. I am fully satisfied with my solar system. Right now ac is not running But the home load is running. Right now it's working on the solar system. Right now 24×7 all home load working on the solar system. Like water motor washing machine Fridge all thing run the solar system 24×7 What are the components used in the 6kw solar system? 375w 16 mono perc solar panel of loom solar is installed 8 battery in it And 1 7.5 kva pcu installed What is costing of the 6kw off-grid solar system you got? It cost me around 5 lacs Including installation and all.

So friends you can see that wire comes from the solar system. That wire goes to the array junction box From there with help of 2 wires, it goes to Pcu 7.5 KVA Pcu you can see Right now Home load running on solar system We have closed the grid There you can see the generation of electricity There you can see panel voltage 143.2v And is grid off there You can see the output voltage Battery charging 16.7A Panel voltage 142V Panel current 16.7 A This is Acdb box This installation is done by Mr. Pradeep Kumar The Pardeep sir how you got that order Because we are working in this area for many years Sirsaganj comes in a district Friozabad Uttar Pradesh They contact us for solar system After that, we installed the solar panel Did you face any difficulty in installing this solar system over the tin shed? No problem How you did the installation over there? Here 8 panel installed in 4-4 panel series From those series, I took the wire from the panel to the array junction box After connecting in the array junction box it goes to parallel 2 panel series there and another on another side A total of 16 panels are installed So friends you can see solar panel over there 8 panels on both sides He installed panel in 4-4 panels in series And there you can see the installed those panels strongly This wire goes into the pipe and it goes down to Pcu he installs those panels in 4-4 panels series There you can see wire goes down to pcu through the pipe In solar inverter Normally we buy a 1kw solar inverter from market It cost up to 7-8,000Rs If you want Pcu with a 6kw solar system Then you have to purchase 7.5kva pc There you can see This is 7.5kva pcu It cost up to 65-70,000rs You will get two types of solar battery on the market Which comes in C10 rating In that, you will get 3 years and 5 year 3year battery cost up to 13-14,000rs If we talk about 8 batteries For 8 batteries you have to spend 1-1.25lacs Rs Sir, I want to know that How do you see the solar? First, it reduces the electricity bill Climate getting hotter day by day We can produce electricity in a natural way That's why we installed a solar system What message you want to convey to our audience We have to install solar panel so that we can save the environment of our nation to reduce electricity bill With solar, we can live free of tension of power outage So Sir thanks for giving your precious time Thank you Please like that video Share it and subscribe to our channel If you are watching us on Facebook and Instagram then follow our channel Thanks for watching

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