660 watt solar system 2:30 baje kitne ampere dega | 660 watt solar system output ampere at 2:30 pm

Hello friends time boyfriend is not
sitting with serpent, and friend today we will show you that we have solar system how many amperes he will give 660
and how much vote he will give, first of all he told you only friends we have polycrystalline four panels out of
which Each panel is of 165 june solar company, that you can see, see this is our first panel,
this is also 165 atta which is our second panel it is also 16523 to make 165 watts and fourth penalty is 165 baht now
and we also use any stand Didn't we have stuck in the side-south direction and we are
not using any solar panel with it , I have set it at 15 degree house which with the help
of Italian and we are using DC wire of six beans So friends, as soon as we see in the details, how much ampere
will it give, how much voltage will it give and how much people will run, so that
we have the normal inverter of 950th of luminance with the help of duty Alka Samuels, we have done this with the
help of solar inverter.

have been converted into And let me show you,
how many amperes are coming, how many voltages are there and how many people are running, everything
going on The tubelight is running 40 watts, so the total road has gone out of 3
It is 40 watts so that 389 total people
is our friend and time is dega, so see how much ampere is giving till how long we have served it
He is giving your
vote and 27 points, two ampere time is the driver of the day , the photo is in the mood in these shifts, the main present
is there Our battery is in
convention, it means charge above AT percent that Modi's chilli mama today PNB
Current 40 Chapter Support See it is about 27 chapters late than solar, what
is the weather outside, sometimes you are sunny, sometimes there is shade, then it does so, so its
effect is sometimes reduced inside butter is good, the voter is a friend It is working well, you
can think it is a very good system, this is my own setup, let me tell you on the administration that I will make a video, I
will tell you the complete installation , but it is 26, we are growing champions,
now watch 27 chapters Will go up to 230 but also very good and
1568 solar system see our friends 09 20 points

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