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Hello everyone how are you all and what's going on.. What do you think where you can make money? Money can only be made in future industries. You can only make money in investing, if you are investing in future industries. Today, why Bajaj finance, Bajaj finserv are distributing money? Because when their share prices were low, at that time they were the future. That's why they made money. Similarly, today look for upcoming future of 5-10 years which will change everything. Money is only there. And today we are going to talk about that. See, there are many reasons of falling economy of any country But the recovery is from 2 ways Time to time, there is always a debate of economic experts about which is the best way And many methods come up whenever any economic crisis occurs.

But today, I am going to talk about only 2 methods Which are proved by many experts. 1 is the oldest method and another one is new. You might already know about the old method but let me tell you about the new method And if you don't know about both then don't worry I'm going to tell you each and every thing. With that, we will also know where we can make money and in which share. So I Mukul Agrawal welcome you all on your own YouTube channel. I request all the new folks to subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon. And never miss 8:30 PM show where we provide sone trades so that you can make Money. Also, do join us on Twitter and Telegram for all the stock market breaking news. During covid, many countries faced economic crisis Countries which were having crude oil resources recovered But countries which didn't had those resources, are still economically down Crude oil is known for best and oldest method of economic recovery.

But apart from this, if we talk about another method That is Renewable energy. Renewable energy is the energy we got from nature. Nature means solar energy, wind energy, carbon gases all these. So many countries are working on the concept of renewable energy And it is believed that economic growth is only possible through this. And in today's video, we are going to talk about this most important segment solar system. And we'll try to find out the growth in this segment I'm going to provide you 4 stocks which can give you multiple times return in future. But before knowing stocks, we should first understand the industry and we cannot earn just on stocks basis. Since last few years, we can see that electricity consumption is continuously increasing. Which is because of electronics Right! Be it EV, domestic product, induction, mixer or AC Electricity is needed everywhere. And in the upcoming years all vehicles are going to be electric.

It is believed that, till 2030, 30-40% vehicles are going to be electric in India. With the Increasing consumption of electricity, it's demand will also increase. And to fulfill this demand, government is using different technologies From which the most important part is solar panels. Because of government's suppot and high-tech technology, This industry is now among India's most rapidly growing industries. And there are 2 more reasons of this growth. Increasing price of crude oil and it's limited supply Has given a new direction to this industry. If we look at the productivity of solar industry in last 5 years, Then in 2016, electricity generation from solar system was about 6.4 gigawatts. Which increased upto 40 gigawatts in 2021. That means in last 5 years, solar electricity generation increased by 5 times. So how fast will it grow in upcoming time, tell us in the comments section. Correct or not? And not just solar industry, instead whole renewable industry is growing rapidly. And the second reason of this growth of renewable energy is that India wants to fulfill domestic electricity demand on it's own.

According to current official report of government, India is world's 3 rd largest electricity spending county. 38% of the total spending is produced by renewable energy. In 2016's Paris Agreement, government targeted to produce 40% of the total produced electricity with renewable energy. That means there will be tremendous growth till 2030. Till 2030 , 280 gigawatts electricity production is expected from solar industries. So this was in total the story of growth of solar industry So that you can now understand the potential of it's stocks. And we'll discuss ane more point in the end of this video as a bonus So that you can understand it's value better.

The first name in the list is Tata power. Tata power is Tata group's company which is working in all the segments of renewable industry. Now if we see it's solar products, then Solar water pump, solar microgrid, solar RO system, solar rooftop Used for all the types of residential and commercial purposes. Company has installed 17 large solar power plants in 13 states of India From which 5.4 gigawatts electricity is being produced. Client list of the company is NTPC, Arise solar, cradle and Rattan India.

Now the latest projects are that Company has set up solar plants with a capacity of 50 MW in Ladakh. Which are different from remaining solar plants of India. Because here electricity is stored in a battery So it's India's largest energy battery storage system. If we talk about it's stock, then stock gave 108% return in last 1 year. Reason is future growth. Because market always see the future and not the present. 2nd we have is Borosil renewables. India's only and first largest solar glass manufacturing company. Company identified solar industry long bach In 2010, they started manufacturing their own solar glasses And Today, the company meets 40% of the domestic demand producing 650 tonnes if glass daily. And also exports it's products to European countries.

Recently, company has prepared to increase it's productivity with a big investment of 5 billion. Company aims for producing 900 tonnes glass daily. Where as demand in India is 650 tonnes That means company is looking to cover the whole solar glass industry of India. Now if we see, this stock is a good option and it gave 265% return in one year. Now the 3rd stock is Sterling and Wilson. Who is setting up high capacity projects in Australia, South Africa, America for big brands like Softbank and Total. This is an international market covering company, which is a nice company. If we see it's orders, then it was 96.7 billion as of February, 2021. Also there are news that company is setting up new plants in Hybrid energy power, energy storage and waste to energy segments. That means there is a potential growth in company on which it's working.

It has given least return of 15% in an year. Now the next name is Websol energies. Websol energies is India's leading manufacturer of photovoltaic monocrystalline solar cells and solar modules. Company is totally export oriented. Company is exporting a big percentage of it's production in Italy, Germany, USA. Company has invested a big part of it's capital in RND and other high quality equipments. Websol energy systems has given a return of 221% in the last 1 year. Last year, in this month, company's share was at 45 and today at 65. That means more growth in upcoming time. And that's why it's going like that. Now the most important part, You might know that Reliance is also coming in this segment.

Why? Reason is because future is here.
Which solar energy Share do you have which you bought with this mindset let us know in comment box. Or any other solar energy share which I didn't covered, you can tell that in comment box. And which according to you is the multibagger stock among all 4 You can tell us in comments. So how was this unique video. Do let us know And open according, link is in the description.

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