36 W Solarpanel und 23000 mAh Powerbank von XTPower

Many thanks to the onlineshopafe stadt.de to the one presented here has made products available for free hey i am says i have Some time ago a small foldable solar panel presented the great in the rucksack or on the outside of the rucksack and with which you can you can then make use of the sun's energy on a tour with usb devices the bigger a solar panel is, the bigger it is you can of course collect more energy and today i'm going to introduce you to something larger solar panel in front, namely the 36 watt panel from the brand xt power here i have it and you can see more energy being generated at first glance larger solar panel that automatically means more weight and so is this solar panel here is definitely not something for a normal backpack hike it's just too bulky and heavy for that I have around 18 kilos in my hand and the dimensions are about 31 x 21 x 6 cm and so it is just way too big for a backpack to hike and way too heavy for the backpack hiking the extra power 36 watt is more suitable for campers for Stairs for camping for the camp in general or maybe also for the boat I drive if it is apart it is with such a Velcro fastener secured and then you can see that it consists of six large solar panels each individual not quite the size of a din a4 sheet a little smaller that one can imagine that and in this state I have one length of 85 centimeters with this approach up here and a width of these four large metals are about 62 centimeters optimal solve which are incorporated in the corners because with them can I hang the solar panel somewhere or stretch it over my boat or something monocrystalline cells are also always installed an efficiency of 22 and in order to use the optimally the panel of course, should be placed in full sun if possible only then can proper performance be achieved here in this side pocket you will find a small box with two exits once a normal usb port and then a dc output for the connection I have tested various small devices on the USB port several times made with my iphone and i have to say that i'm pretty excited so my little solar panel doesn't come with you depending on the position of the sun even say that my iphone charged almost as quickly like at a power socket i have chosen a very nice day for myself today the sun seems to be relatively strong not extremely strong but already neat and I will now place the penn in direct sunlight and then I will I put my iphone right afterwards but first put a usb measuring device in between this device shows the voltage and the current alternately again and here I can now read that I have a stable 5 volt output voltage and that my smartphone is right now 870 milliamps for charging I just did a test yesterday with much less sun than today and there it was me in 20 minutes possible to charge my smartphone by ten percent today with this something stronger solar radiation is even possible in just 15 minutes that is not bad the more the sun disappears the more so When the sky is overcast, the less it will of course be built-in usb connection can provide up to 2000 milliamps Of course, it depends on how much the connected device is can absorb in order to achieve a constant performance such a solar panel should ideally be used in conjunction with a power bank as buffer battery can be used and the 36 watt xt power solar panel is complete specially designed for use with a dc power bank there is still a long one for this, the connecting cable and over it even 18 volts with a maximum current of 16 5 amps are available and that brings me to the second product that I am in this video the power bank mp 23,000, also from xt power, would like to show I'll get it out you can see this device not exactly small but the perfect partner for a solar panel again 36 watts from xp power because it it is a discipline the imp 90 gram mass 18 5 x 12 5 x 2 centimeter connections once dc in 2 x usb out and once the skin capacity 23 1000 milliamps at 3.7 volts and accordingly less at higher voltages up here a big power button a small led display i press the button I can immediately see the state of charge in this case 51 percent and finally the solar panel on then i see a pulsating one Loading bar and a small loading symbol I can now reconnect my smartphone to the two usb ports or any other device that can be charged via usb and, as I said, is suitable this power bank also acts as a buffer battery, so i can use this energy at the same time to run over the solar panel and remove with a connected device then i also have the dc here to take various small devices with me to be able to supply electricity to this I can use this power band between switch between different voltages namely 9 12 16 19 and 20 volts I press the switch for three seconds until the voltage symbol flashes and then I turn on every further pressure one output voltage further 20 now again from the beginning 9 12 16 19 20 that's good also good is the large accessory package that comes with this power bank it is hidden down here in the box here is a normal charger for the socket this spiral cable is for the usb ports thought about this then different plug-on adapters then a connection cable ten in number for the dc on and also matching plug-in adapters for all sorts of laptops i recognize sony asus acer lenovo samsung and many more apple devices are no adapters included but i was able to discover them in the accessories trade For example, there is a dc 12 volt adapter on such an adapter powerman briefly set to 12 volts and a wide variety of 12 volt devices such as navis camp in cool boxes and much more operate for how long they are required to fully charge the power bank via the solar panel is of course again dependent on the strength of the sunshine and therefore difficult to say under good conditions you can do it in about five to six hours the worse it is again, the more cloudy the sky is, the less it is energy can be collected as well as having to be used when using solar panels life the nice thing is that you can use the system almost all the time during the day can design and collect electricity and the power can also be used when it is not fully charged as shown here, however, it should not lying in the blazing sun this is never good for electrical devices that's why the solar panel has a nice long length the connecting cables can then be inserted into the power bank a little further away placed in the shade or at least under the solar panel is this power dwarf because you can use it to fully charge it running laptop summer for several hours, of course, depending on what you do it makes a difference whether you only have a simple document processed with dimmed light stronger displays or whether one films from dvds plays both devices you can get him safely instead of the online shop at the web address www dot safe stadt.de there you will also find more information about the prices and accessories an extremely practical set with a medium-sized solar panel that generates a lot of energy and a top one power bank that understands a wide range of voltages and a lot of accessories maybe bring just the right thing for one or the other of you take care Many thanks to the onlineshopafe stadt.de to the one presented here Products made available for free on my main channel over there you can get me on my car accompanying experiences there are numerous videos on the subject areas to wawel castle and tracking as well as to numerous other outdoor activities

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