3 Components To A Solar System – Montana Solar Installation Company SBS Solar

Okay there are three major components to
grid-tied solar system one is mount structure that holds modules solar
panels to the roof we use the term modules and panels interchangeably so
the mount structure the modules and the inverter well this is our power module
here an example a 72 cell module warranted for 25 years of power
production basically it's tempered glass like in a windshield of your vehicle
it's very tough it'll take one inch hail 90 mile-an-hour so you've got good
strong glass an aluminum frame the panels are relatively thin about a inch
little more than an inch thick as you can see we're just the cells are
embedded on the backside of the glass and sealed in an ethyl vinyl acetate encapsulate. Our back sheet and then you've got your power cables coming out
so this is the major building block of the system. its just be a number of
these, whether we look at how much power you use and we determine how many of
these modules would make the amount of power you use over a year's time

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