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Hello Friends Welcome to my channel, today i am going to show you my solar setup, its connections and connection (wiring) diagram. in this video, I am trying explain this in a much simpler way. Most of them doubts whether they can do it by ourselves But this can be done very easily. I am trying explain this in a much simpler way. So watch the video completely In my setup, i am using a MPPT charge controller(brand name SPS) It is supporting 24-48V battery system. First two wires are positive and negative terminal coming from Solar Panels Next two terminals are connected to 24V Battery system. Red wire connected to battery positive and blue wire to battery negative Here i am using 2 , 12V , C10 batteries having a capacity of 150Ah. both are connected in series. so 12+12 =24 V battery system Here i am using Microtek's 2335VA solar Inverter. Now we can check inverter connection. First two terminals are left blank, which can be used to connect Panels If we are not using mppt charge controller, we can use this for connecting panels, but here i am connecting pannels to mppt MPPT charge controller is doing to the Battery Charging Job.

Next in mains input connection to Solar Inverter Phase from mains will go into the 5th terminal of my mppt and will coming out from 6th terminal via a Relay switch the neutral and phase coming out from 6th terminal will connected to a switch box and we will connect Inverter input plug into it. this is my mains input from plug. this is my output from solar inverter which will go to my all appliances and electrical devices in my home. Next is battery connection for the working of Solar inverter So we have two connection into the battery system, one from mppt charge controller to charge the battery and one for the working of solar inverter. This is a diagrammatic representation of my solar system These are my 12V, 380W panels ,connected in series ,having a total capacity of 760W. I am using Waaree's Monoperc panels Positive and negative from panels are connected to the first two terminals of my mppt charge controller. This mppt charge controller can be connected to a 24 battery system as well as a 48V battery system. If you are thinking of an Upgrade on your solar system at later point, you can choose a 24-48V mppt charge controller.

Next two are mppt's battery connection Here the battery charging functionality is done by my mppt Next connection is the relay switch connection of my mppt. This relay is used to switch the Grid and Solar power alternatively based on our solar light availability Phase from Grid will go to one terminal of Relay switch and out from Relay will go to Solar inverter. neutral will come directly from grid. now we can check the inverter connection For the working of Solar inverter we can connect inverter to battery system I always kept my solar inverter in UPS Mode Charging is done from mppt and this will keep the inverter in UPS/normal inverter mode there are 3 connection to inverter , one for battery , second is grid connection, which is coming from mppt's Relay Switch 3rd one is the final output from inverter , which will go my electrical appliances in my house. Here i explained an OffGrid solar system connection , its diagrammatic wiring diagram in a simple way. I hope, this will help you, if you found this useful, please subscribe my channel Ask yours doubts in the comment section

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