15 kilowatt Solar Power Energy Project Complete Site Tour by Humble Solar Wala

Assalam-0-Alikum Greetings! Well we have installed Solar Energy Power System for 15.6 Kilowatts we have installed 3 changovers, and gave input from Solar Inverters 1st Solar Inverter, 2nd Solar Inverter, and for 3rd Solar Inverter in output load Distribution, load are running from Solar Powered System and above from Changeover there's Digital Ampere Meter's are Installed load are running 2.6 ampere from 1st Solar Inverter, 2nd Solar Inverter has zero load, and 3rd Inverter has 1.9 ampere the above lights are installed on Grid / WAPDA Input Grid / WAPDA is connected in but is not using Grid to power load, only solar is using to provide Power to the load here we have installed Changeover up side we have installed Digitial Ampere Meters here are CT installed on Digital ampere meter this is Grid / WAPDA input and this is Solar input to provide power to load This Distribution box / Panel assigned to Grid / WAPDA input and Solar powered output panel / Distribution box here's Grid / WAPDA input is Coming, WAPDA 1, Wapda 2 and Wapda 3 and this is Solar power output which going from here to the Load on the down side we have installed 20 ampere MCB 2 pole Breakers from ABB and on Grid / WAPDA input we have installed 32 ampere's MCB 2 pole Breakers but the Breaker we're using on load is rated 20 amperage Breakers we have division the load from here we have 3 solar Inverters right now 7% load is running on this Solar Inverter please focus on this screen 7% load is running on this Solar Inverter right now PV (photo voltaic Modules) are generating the Volts are coming from upside Solar are 92 are Generating 7 ampere load is running on this Solar Inverter because there's not much load are running on this inverter total 370 watts are generating from this inverter right now, 390, 370watts are generating and the load is running on this inverter is approximately 7 percent 414va load is running 7 percent load is running from this inverter right now on 2nd inverter is having only 1 percent load is running maximum right now only and this inverter generating from PV (photovoltaic modules) 106 Volts are generating and 10 ampere are generating load on this inverter is 1 percent on this inverter has 15 percent load our batteries are fully charged from PV photovoltaic modules are coming / generating 103, 105 Volts 8 ampere total 460 watts are coming / generating 15 percent load is running right now and here is our battery bank is installed on down we have 12 Batteries 4, four batteries are in series to take 48 volts from it and then we have parallel of the 3 series and we have joints them together we have chosen exact same size / length wires are used because the veins are exactly equally coming through it and then we have joint them in combiner box from combiner we have divided through to the inverters this distribution we made for PV (photovoltaic modules) input this is our PV input DB (Distribution box) pv are coming through it from upside 1, 2 , 3 we have installed solar panels on it 15 solar panels are installed on each solar inverter are 15 solar panels of 320 watts 320 watts solar panels from Hyundai will gonna show you the solar panels right away total 45 solar panels are installed pause 15 solar panels are installed on back side 15 panels are installed on back side, three, three, three, and 9 solar panels are installed on back side from it and 6 solar panels are installed on forward side these are 320 Watts Hyundai solar panels are installed on it and these are installed on separate solar inverter and then 2nd inverter panels are installed on this side, we have installed 30 solar panels this side inside iron Structure from this side of iron structure we have installed PV for 2 inverters this 5 and then this 10 solar panels are separate and these 15 solar panels are installed in the middle on 3rd inverter these are also going to inside inverters as you can see hyundai Korean Solar Panels are installed, (please focus on Hyundai) 320 watts Solar Panels and we have installed single 2 pole cable of directly towards inverter from 16mm wire and on remaining inverters we have installed and from 4mm 2 core through via combiner we have given input to the inverter of PV Alhamdulillah! our System is working very fine till now Battery bank is having 185ah batteries and 185ah battereis are installed on this system which is 12 batteries in numbers and the constant load on this side was 9 kilowatts and right now very low load is running because Students are on break and are outside right they are on break that is why very low load are running otherwise it has 9 kilowatts constant load they has it here this is 4:45pm right now but as you know, the inverters are installed on this side are MPPT inverters are installed on this side Maximum Power point Tracking System is installed inside the inverters and they're working on mathematically algorithm they work with the load the required power its take input from pv similar to the load if there's zero load then its generate nothing but zero that is its not generating much as low load are running, and low pv is coming otherwise we have seen 3 kilowatts hour of power generation when there were load are running on installed inverters now there's no load that is why no generation from pv Thanks

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