1 year solar panel system update 305 watts in Iowa cost and production test

hello everyone I'm gonna do an update on my solar system after twelve months one year in Iowa it's been about 12 months in one week I looked at it it's at 370 kilowatt hours that I pumped into the grid so at 12 months it was it was right at 365 so this is gonna make it real easy to figure that's about one kilowatt hour per day now I'm using a Sun GTI it's just a 500 watt and I'm pumping about 305 watts of solar into this here's the system 45 watts it's just the cheap Harbor Freight that's a thin film and then I have the four monocrystalline one two three four sixty five waters these are all 12-volt this is a 12-volt system I turn this towards the Sun in the morning and at night I did it all year long maybe twice a day as all turn it a couple times a day just towards the Sun whenever I could during the winter of course it was a little slow night there were some days it was so cold I just left it right facing south so this is gonna kind of give an idea how many of these you would need to use too because I got my electric bill and give you an idea how many watch you would need to install to do your whole house to get enough kilowatt hours to have free electricity will go in and take a look at the bill right now I bought these mono crystal lines off the ebay so I think all together with the grid tie inverter the wires the 45 watt which was pretty expensive I recommend going with the mono crystal lines I suppose there's about $600 in material so you can go to some of my other videos to see how I built this adjustable solar panel pull here all the neighbors are used to it now there they come up and ask me questions all the time you know it's kind of like it's not even here now the neighbors don't even notice it so it fit in real good and I did have the city send me a letter saying I needed to get a building permit they were doing a job across the street and seen it and I told him that I was just using it it was temporary and I was just using it to charge my batteries which I fibbed a little bit but I can switch I have I do have this set up so I can switch it right over to the batteries too to charge the batteries but if you were just setting this up saying you bought the grid tie inverter the wires built your adjustable pull for the solar panels you'd have about 600 bucks in all of this could probably shop around and get everything a little cheaper but we'll say five to six hundred dollars so we'll see how many years it take to pay pay for this my average unit cost is point one four one per kilowatt so fourteen cents my average daily cost is three dollars and twenty cents so what we'll do is we'll take the 365 kilowatt times the 14 cents and we come up with about $50 so I'm saving $50 a year I paid about $600 for my setup and we come up with 12 years so it'll take at least 12 years probably more like 15 there's different efficiencies of solar panels so that these numbers are rough but it gives you a good idea I remember when I first started I didn't have a clue so just a typical day in Iowa with the setup I have it's going to take about 15 years so keep in mind these are real rough numbers everybody has a different situation solar panels have different efficiencies GTI's have different efficiencies so everything's gonna be a little different you know I live in Iowa depends on where you live but my average is 31 per day kilowatt hours this house I have two refrigerators one on the garage I run natural gas for heat during the winter have a electric washer and dryer electric stove electric dishwasher it's about 1,600 square foot I did put all LED lights in so that I did notice a big difference with that they're kind of expensive but I did notice a difference so it worked out pretty good this little test that I did with my solar panels because it ended up being one wide a day it was easy to figure out you know I love solar I'll probably add some more it's a fun hobby I think it needs to has a long way to go these two become a lot more economical for the average person the life expectancy of these monocrystalline is only 25 years so after 15 years you'll pay off what you got into the system and then after that it's free free energy so the numbers with the numbers we have you can see how easy it is to figure I'm using 31 and I'm only putting in one with 320 watts so we take that 320 Watts times around 30 and we come up with 9600 Watts so you're gonna need around 10,000 watts in my situation of solar to supply this home with electricity so in other words I need about 30 times what I have now not sure if the neighbors would approve that but you know a lot of people put them on their roofs of course if it would be on your roof you're not going to be able to turn it towards the Sun like I do on the adjustable pole so we're gonna need anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 watts if you're gonna be putting it on your roof and again this is just rough figures it gives you an idea when I first started I didn't have a clue so this kind of gives somebody an idea on what what to expect that was a fun experiment I'll probably add a little more just because it's fun it's expensive I don't know if it's practical the life expectancy of the solar panels 25 years as they age the efficiency goes down too so you have to figure that in the efficiency of the solar panels you know I'm 53 now so by the time I pay for my system that I have now I'll be around 65 years old then by the time my solar panels wear out you know I'll be I'll be 75 years old by then I don't know if I'm and I want to do it again another 25 years I'll have to live till I'm 100 so if you multiply it out this house uses eleven thousand five hundred and forty nine kilowatt hours per year and I'm saving 365 as you can tell I have a long ways to go in my opinion I think they should get the pipeline going start using more natural gas get people back to work get the economy going and then start putting more money into technology coming up with better ways to compete with the oil and natural gas but in the meantime we need to use what we have that's my opinion get the government out of it as you can see this 14 cents here excludes tax Oh government mean it needs to stay out of everything thanks for watching everyone be safe

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