1 Year Review – 200-Watt HQST (Renogy) RV Solar Panels

well it's been about one year since I installed these solar panels this is a 200 watt HQ ST system and I wanted to give you a quick review on how it's been over the last year camping overall I have to say I'm extremely pleased with my purchase as you can see I've got just about every light on in this trailer I even have the bathroom fan on let's go check the voltmeter see what we're reading alright you can see we are still holding 13.8 volts the solar panels are pulling in about 3 amps and our battery is 99% charged the other great thing is that I can leave these batteries hooked up the whole camping season the charge controller I'll also put the batteries through different charge cycles so they'll last longer it's been really great because when I get home from camping trips I don't have to worry about plugging the trailer and to keep the batteries maintained I can go the entire camping season without ever having to plug in in addition to adding solar panels I also replaced on my incandescent bulbs with these 12 SMD surface mount diode LED light bulbs so it really has been great we run the lights at night we play a DVD we run the water pump we run the furnace it doesn't matter probably by 9 or 10 o'clock the next morning our batteries are fully charged again so if you're considering getting solar panels out into your trailer I would highly encourage you to check out my video of how to do it yourself you can really save a lot of money and it really was a lot easier than I thought it would be the whole package with everything that's bolts caulking everything cost me around $400 and it's worked out great in fact I am so pleased with these solar panels that I'm probably going to install the exact same kit on my shed in my backyard so please subscribe to my channel and look forward to that in a future video also I wish you well and whatever project you're doing I hope you can find a solar solution that meets your needs and affordable cost

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