1 किलोवाट सोलर पैनल सिस्टम Complete Setup |1 किलोवाट Solar Panel पर क्या-क्या लोड चल सकता है

Hello friends we are here in MGR Nagar, Jaffarkhanpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu Here our customer Sanjay ji Installed 1kw solar system It is an Off Grid Solar System. He is using that electricity in home and shop. Friends here you can see Sanjay sir auto part shop Here sanjay sir work. These lights and fans All these work on solar system. Come with us Hello Sanjay sir Hello sir Here you can see installed 375w solar panel (3) These 3 panel are mono perc You can see on back There is one more panel stand He will use these stand in future . Let's go and talk with sanjay sir There is langauage problem Here mostly people talk in tamil or english. Hindi is less there For that We have our distributor Balakrishna He will translate I will ask questions to sanjay sir If he is not understand then balakrishna sir translate Why you need for solar? Because of higher electricity rate.

Thats why he installed solar system because of higher electricity rate of there local EB Sir, what your electricity bill? daily 7 to 8 units consuption Sir what was the charges? 2 months bill is around 4,000 to 5,000 rs That's why he switched to solar system. Sir, how are you feeling after installing solar system? He is saying that Solar system is nice. Frequently there is power sheding. In day time. At that time he is managing. He is not feeling the power-cuts. He is saying that. He is saying that.

Tublights running Fan running PC running Printers running All these things working on solar system. 2 wheeler also charging with that. Sir, what is the future plans related to solar system? He is saying that. In future he is going to increase solar panels After incresing solar panels He is buying electric bike He will charge the bike with that solar system. With solar system he will charge his bike and scooter too. So friends there is 31 to 32 degree temperature sunny day How much generation happening right now through solar system? Right now 14A generation Mppt technology inverter. If we calculate 650w coming through solar chances of producing 5 units per day But According to usage its varies Actually customer is using According to load Daily he is getting 3 units or more He is saving in day time.

He can save upto 10 units 2 batteries connected in parallel And 2 batteries connected in serise 24v system Right now input in that Ampere is increasing. solar panel ampere 16A right now And volatge 37 volatge According to that 600w its producing. from solar panel. that's why we have installed 4 batteries In day time usage is less In night time usage is high Thats why we install more storage. In earlier i didn't install mppt I install pwm inverter In pwm no display in that For seeing that he intall Ampere meter voltage meter these things are of earlier After that he switch to mppt inverter After installing mppt inverter It doesn't need earlier devices still its install Sir, what message you want to give our audience. Solar energy is future energy. Its working good there. It also save electricity bill. there is no electricitry cuts Benefits are there. so friends today we are with mr sanjay Mr Sanjay is the owner of auto part shop Increasing electricity bill He decided to switch solar system. In future he will increase solar panels In fact he will go upto 3KW solar system He is saying that solar is the future So friends if you like it the video Like share and subscrbe our video If you have any quieres then you can comment We will meet you in next video Till then thanks for watching.

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