🔋 Solar Powered Phone Charger For Android, iPhone 7 ◄ DROP TEST

today serious solar charging saving with a weird light hi I'm the YouTube deal guy Matt granite and I'm intern Amy don't fight it Amy enjoy the rape enjoy the rape do you like it it's just a silly good for the giveaway yes you know what hold that we're gonna make people stay to the end where we are giving away one of these sweet solar power chargers now we collected an infinite number of requests for solar power power banks and the nice thing about this is not just dependent upon the Sun to charge your tech it also has a built in battery as Amy is going to demonstrate right now I find huge deals every day which are all located right under this video screen just expand that product window charging this is a dual charger Amy how's your demonstration going feels a little lackluster good I want to blind you go ahead Amy make the people happy there we go there's this mode there's an SOS mode there's there's the Hallelujah mode and this price point is actually one of the best durable ones that we've tested now as I like to do before we get to this deal on the giveaway I want to show you the slam test you ready to get slammed Amy okay then move because you'll get hit nothing on this unit there may have been things flying but not from here that's what I am in favor of the fact that you can use this on the Sun it's got the durable edges and as we're going to show you awesome dual charging in a moment but first if you're not yet subscribed we give away everything for free to subscribers as we said at the beginning there's going to be a dance party yes turn your notifications on if you hear name called you got this sent to you for free now for the deal itself twenty one dollars down from forty I absolutely love this it's highly durable it's got edges that can take a hit as you just saw a compass bright LEDs with different modes and as you can see from the ratings people absolutely love this it is water-resistant and you can even clip it easily to a backpack perfect for hiking the backup battery takes over when the solar power is diminished would you toss just your purse I might put it like on the inside clip of my purse for emergency reasons that's why we keep her here versatility and insight the two ports here are dual output the one in the middle to charge the unit itself and Amy are you ready for the wonderful charge test absolutely now I should mention we left this in the Sun for about four hours today it is ready to go ready to power and if we didn't have the benefit of that sunshine well we've got a built in battery which you can of course charge on your own go for it intern Amy all right I have team apple as I always am charging all right and now for Team Android here we go and yes my $49 prime phone is charging Amy how much did your phone cost when you got it I don't know wasn't $49 for those of you interested in this click somewhere within this video screen you will have access to that deal which is still relevant this is now charging an iPad Mini we've used an actual iPad full-size and of course the better $49 prime phone like the good ok comment in the section and support team iPhone yeah alright good luck with that so the last thing I want to tell you is that there is a compass there are LED lights that are extremely bright there is the rave mode the SOS mode this would be great for camping sorry Amy I apologize I don't know how that keeps happening and the compass which is on the front is a great way to make this work and as we showed you it's highly durable you remember that a little bit of that Amy like that you're gonna break that table I might well have a deal on that coming up in two weeks for those who don't want to grab this deals located right under the video screen thank you guys so much for being here we love all of our subscribers and be sure to support team iPhone in the comment section now it's fine for the good old way but a good way using two buddies random selection tool to find a subscribers commented in the last six months congratulations goes to Steven you Rock just email support at Matt's daily deals.com and I'll hook you up with your freebie and as matt said we're gonna use the rave mode to dance for the subscribers we need music we really gotta get some music we don't have the rights to anything and we just go back and forth people like it congratulations you won if you did not win today you die here name-call just click that subscribe button turn notifications on will hook up the next time want to win an awesome item I test for free it's simple subscribe turn your notifications on on a desktop it looks like this once notifications are turned on for your desktop or on a mobile platform where it looks like this if you hear me call your name you get that item delivered to you for free and for those of you that want to buy any of my hot deals expand the description box right under the video window all the links you need are right there

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