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Now the time has finally come, we are now unpacking the solar system and taking a closer look what's inside Welcome to TomTuT, as announced today is the day now with the Solar system to begin. We're going over to the little shed now, grab it whole thing out and look at it. We bring most of it up to the carport So that’s the plates. Let's get the other box. There are still some fastening material here. There are all the sleeves. Here again When ordering the solar system, you think about where beforehand she comes there.

Flat roof, normal house roof. You think about how one interprets them. You have exactly the dimensions and you also know exactly how the picture comes about here. Now it is like this with me – you just see me Got four horizontally and four vertically and there are now the designation 1000 – 1001. So what are the parts for the inside and what are the parts for the outside There is the rubber connection with the clamp the little ones are right here for them.

I can tell you that already has really hot here !!! There is always one on the side line clogged and one is open. Then you just go there with the saw and Just saw the stopper away from here and then we can do it here too connect with each other and depending on the plan you have to look of course that the above then to stay and accordingly the other to stay on the other side. Incidentally, here I only turn the clamp slightly on the cordless screwdriver Plates themselves must not be fixed because of the Temperature fluctuations are loose due to expansion.

We have now laid out everything We also screwed it down. Tightened tightly with the screwdriver not just with Cordless screwdriver otherwise you will make the clamp too tight and that could do that Damage rubber. Now we're getting stone slabs at the Bauhaus. Eight pieces We put them up and down there and then I want to put hooks on them to fix the wire ropes. That will then be stable enough that nothing can fly away here. We all have the stone slabs now, the screws are in them. Now we tension the wire. When ordering, you choose what kind of roof you have and I have it a carport flat roof. I got that delivered for that Fastening is now very easy.

You have such little "eyes" here You screw it to the very end, then we take the wire that came with it do this through here and go through the ring here at the same time through and lead the wire back here now I have a loop and we can simply screw them tight Now basically we have the same thing again with such a loop but in between let's grab the part here and we can still use it afterwards brace. I just took tin snips to cut it off The twisting apart should not be done individually and twisted, but rather when it is clamped here then hold tight. Now you can turn it up and this makes it even. The second mistake I made – this one Fixing would have to be further back that is much easier than if that thing is hanging over it.

You can see that nicely in the drawing. Well I did it wrong. As a tip for you: simply set the plates and the bracket 20 cm to the rear A vent valve must go to the highest point the highest point is actually right here under this pipe for me The line runs down here and then back there to the technical shaft. That means I'll stick the vent valve in here When gluing the PVC pipe, I would like to briefly show you here We need the glue, of course, and we need a cleaner.

With the flex pipes or even with the hard PVC pipes you have to look after cutting that a 45 degree angle comes in. So deburring! clean up the fringes. Wearing good gloves is important because with the cleaner you have to be careful not to get it on your skin. I link that Incidentally, also in the info box. Now we clean the area and don't touch anything The cleaner on the sleeve here inside with the glue here is a brush with inside. I now easily brush it off. Now I brush this in here. Just not too much, not too little, it should be well wetted and then we push them into each other. Now you can't turn it anymore no longer pull.

We'll let that dry now. Actually a day. Then you can only load it under pressure The transition from my 50s to the solar panel now looks like this The installation material is included here. You now have the connection here You have to stick it here – then we just have it again a sleeve and here too and we now glue everything together completely. With the one socket here you see you have a small edge here. That means here it only fits into one Direction. When you've glued everything together, you can one day later screw everything together wonderfully easy and your flex cable on top still glue in place.

Now we have the vent valve consists of two parts if I screw this together it can be here out you can see it badly but there is a bullet that prevents it with water pressure the leakage and venting each time anew. I leave that now hand tight because it's a plastic thread and I don't want to risk it that something breaks. I am pretty sure it is you. If not, I can always retightening with the pliers, let's let the valve in up here bit up – just slightly dissolve that it moves a bit here – I have from poolsana.de find out that there is another or a newly developed one The vent valve gives ventilating the absorber even if now the water cycle is broken.

So it carries over no pressure on the absorber and the #system is better protected. I swap it with myself and that's why I wanted to show it in the video. Link, as always, and of course everything else in the infobox below! However, all the topics that still come up in the video do not lose because of this their validity. Now that's the highest point up here for the whole solar panel the cold water runs up here in this place it runs completely over here and the hot water comes at the highest point out here – then just run back here to the vent valve and now go we take a look underneath and basically falls back into the pool here that's so this is the so-called downdraft brake.

Just a ball valve who just ensures that the water does not flow back when it flows back falls off completely and the pump cannot deliver quickly enough and thereby there will be negative pressure at the top that's why I put that on myself now so up to 45 degrees. But that is also the case for commissioning thought afterwards for pressure regulation once set the remains Position then until winter. The water that is pumped up, so that cold, has a non-return valve in here when the pump stops Water flow back. Now we are going on the way everything runs underground over here into the technical room. This is exactly the place now my solar system is operated and runs back here. Here is the direct one Flow. I will install an electric valve there but for manual operation we first open the page completely We close here and from now on everything goes up to the carport and see that let's look at each other now.

You can hear how the air is coming out now you notice water coming. Ok – we don't need to do anything anymore it has stopped rustling now and then it whistles. Small air bubbles probably. I would say it goes in a circle. You can even hear it here nothing more – we're leaving that open now – but that whistles from time to time you can definitely hear how water moves here. I look down at them again Pump.

Here you can actually still hear air working. Now let's take a quick look the pool as it looks there. Now you can actually see air escaping at some point that subsides and that regulates itself now The system is now in operation – to be honest – now the electrical one is still missing Control ….. and right here is the solar control, which I now have here interposed or attached to the ball valve. It's been running for a few days now and I just have mine here Temperature sensor in the coming line from the pool and above I have that Counterpart mounted – fastened with cable ties for the temperature on the Carport roof measured. Here is a small potentiometer I just turn it to the temperature – it now says 30 degrees. That’s just about right; you can then measure it correctly at the pool. He just turns the valve on for me and changes the circuit over the carport or directly back into the pool.

On the subject of fastening something else – me link a blog in the info box below in which you in which is beautifully described, also again with pictures and a lot of text, the montage a different kind of roof like mine now. fraumachtschlau.de take a look at that – I can Recommend it! With that the subject is done with the plant has been running and working for a few days. So it has already proven itself – we have around 30 meters in Sum up here all the way down to the pump and it still works wonderful! I almost didn't expect that, but it's really great The whole system here, of course, has to be emptied in winter, that's what I'll do but make another video in due course. Yes, I have more now not noted I would say that's it for the video I hope you enjoyed it – if so, you know what I want: D Subscribe and ring the bell. All YouTubers always say the same thing I think it is well known and – yes – that was TomTuT …..

Stay hard on the gas …… Thank you :).

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