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Hey guys, Taylor here with   another video. And today This one is for all 
of you who are concerned with Home Security or   just interested in saving a bit of money on your 
power bill. Today we're going to be talking about   the best solar powered security cameras. And I'm 
going to be breaking down some of the benefits and   features of each one, so you can see what might be 
right for you in your particular situation.

Now,   as always, I will leave links to each of these 
down in the description below. So you can check   them out there if you are interested, as well. 
If I do find any deals or discount codes, I will   throw those down there for you also, first up, 
we're going to be talking about the best overall   security camera and that's going to be the ring 
stick up cam solar. Now this is truly a fantastic   product. And it's actually one of the best selling 
home security cameras in recent memory. It has a   great 1080 p HD resolution with a wide angle 140 
degree lens. using your smartphone, you can view   the live feed of the camera whenever you like. You 
can also do things like adjust camera settings,   customize your alerts and interact with recorded 
videos. It also has some more advanced features   you might be interested in, like motion detection, 
infrared night vision, and it also does have two   way audio so you can communicate with anyone near 
the camera. It also has Amazon Alexa Smart Home   integration and a wide array of peripherals that 
can be added to the camera for extra features.   And they can all be powered by a two watt solar 
panel with a 13 foot USB cord, which again is a   great feature.

Next up we have the best security 
camera with integrated solar panels and that's   going to be the solium outdoor security camera. 
Now if you're interested in owning a camera with   integrated solar panels, then you definitely want 
to check out the solium outdoor security camera.   In terms of features here it has 10 ATP HD video 
and captures plenty of horizontal space with a 160   degree ultra wide angle lens. It's also completely 
wireless and has a very efficient solar power   design with three Wi Fi antennas. In addition, 
there's tons of advanced features like PR motion   detection to a audio and infrared night vision. 
There are actually four infrared LEDs that enabled   the camera to see up to 32 feet in the middle of 
the night. Where solar power is concerned it's   able to capture tons of energy. The solar panels 
can be adjusted as needed. But there is also a   USB port in the back of the camera that allows 
for quick charging in wall outlet if needed. The   included battery and the solar panels definitely 
mean that this security camera can be charged   at all times.

You also have the ability to add 
additional solar panels if needed. The three solar   panels included will produce up to 1000 milliamps 
per hour. Next up for those of you on a budget we   have the best budget solar powered security camera 
zooming model solar security camera. Now this   camera does have fantastic display again with 10 
ATP HD resolution, and you also have the ability   to turn down the video quality in order to save 
battery life and file storage. You can check the   live feed on your smartphone, and the recorded 
video can be saved locally on an SD card up to   128 gigs in size. There is also a cloud service if 
you want to store your data in the cloud as well.   The solar panels here do connect to a USB port 
which means you can also connect this one to an   outlet later on if needed.

It also does come with 
a 6000 milliamp rechargeable battery pack as well.   And you get some of those extra features like 
PR motion sensing with adjustable sensitivity   and two way audio and customizable alerts. Next up 
we have the best solar powered security camera and   floodlight, the Solyom spotlight solar camera. Not 
only does this one perform well as a great camera,   but it also has that added floodlight 
option to really give intruders a fright.   It has four spotlight LEDs and two infrared LEDs 
that provide excellent black and white night   vision. The nighttime picture is very clear here. 
It uses low levels of ambient light and white LEDs   to create vivid nighttime video. And that's 
going to be far more clear than typical night   vision that you would see on regular cameras. 
Another great feature is you can also rotate this   one horizontally 320 degrees and vertically 90 
degrees, which means that you're going to be able   to get complete vision and nearly any angle.

can all be controlled via a smartphone app which   is also a great feature. It also has things like 
motion detecting to a functionality. And again   that fantastic floodlight option. This camera is 
truly a complete package. Next up we have the best   solar powered cellular security camera, the real 
link cellular security camera. Now this is a great   option for those of you that don't necessarily 
have access to reliable Wi Fi. Basically,   you can get all the benefits of a typical camera 
here without the need for Wi Fi or Ethernet. The   cellular camera uses a t mobile connection and 
provides internet use using prepaid data cards. In   terms of features here it is high definition with 
a great 1080 DPI resolution and a 110 degree wide   angle lens. You can access live streaming video 
and record videos on your smartphone. There's   also a motion detection integrate 7800 milliamp 
rechargeable battery pack and again that will   be constantly topped off by the supplied solar 
panel. Now this combo will also hold up well in   wet areas because it does have an IP 65 waterproof 

Again this is a great option for those of   you that plan to use this camera in remote areas 
like possible On a hunting trail or somewhere up   in the mountains where internet reception may 
be low. Anyway guys, I hope that gives you some   insight into different solar powered security 
cameras. And hopefully this video was helpful in   choosing the right one for you in your particular 
situation. As I mentioned, I will leave links to   each of these products in the description below so 
you can check them out there if you're interested   along with any deals, discounts or coupon codes 
that I find as well. Also, if this video was   helpful, please feel free to give me a thumbs up 
as always appreciate that.

And if you do have any   questions or comments, please feel free to throw 
those below as well as I love getting to answer as   many of those as possible. Anyway guys, thanks so 
much for watching today. Stay safe out there and   I hope to see you in the next video.
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