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Hi friends we will talk about Solar Energy today. Before beginning I would like to WARN YOU that there are people from companies who are leaving their name and phone numbers and asking you to call them… …call them at your own risk. We are no way connected to these people and we do not know them. They could be genuine companies or they could be fraudsters. Before you agree to give them solar panel installation, PLEASE MAKE SURE of their quality of work. Visit their previous installation and check the Solar panels, frames, batteries and inverter. Ask how quickly the installation took place? Once all the hardware is brought to your house, and the frames ready It can be installed in a day. The frame-concrete base takes a day or to harden, after that it should not take more than a week. Payments should ALWAYS BE MADE IN CROSSED CHEQUE (and NEVER IN CASH) to the company name and never to a person’s name and always take a receipt for the payment.

Ideally for safety purpose payment can be made in 4 parts 10% down payment, 30% on installation of frame, 30% on installation of panels and remaining 30% on installation of battery. This is because once the companies get more money they start work at other place and come back only when they are free of any new orders. Please check out our previous on Solar Energy as this is a continuation of that There was a lot of queries that we received and we will try to explain them in this video. First and foremost is the issue of cost. What is the cost of a 1KW system or a system to fire a 5 HP water pump? Try to avoid batteries and connect to the grid if possible. 1) This is the cheapest way. 2) You save around 50% of the cost. 3) You save another 50% after 5yrs when you have to replace the batteries. Consider that a 1 bedroom, hall, kitchen (1BHK) or 2BHK house has an area of 1,000 sqft. This house will need… … 1KW solar system. that is if you are not using air conditioning (or heater)! In a farm, to pump 1Horse Power water pump you will need 1KW system.

Thus to power a 5HP water pump you will need a 5KW solar system. Note that DC water pumps are more powerful than AC water pumps. This will cost Rs 100,000 (with battery and without subsidy). Thus 1,000sqft = 1KW = 1HP = Rs 100,000/- 1 Solar panel = Rs 10,000 (approx), 1 Battery+inverter = Rs10,000 (approx), Installation cost=Rs5,000 approx (including frame, wiring, etc) For each 1,000 sqft you will need 4solar panels (ie 4x 320w = 1,280w or 1.2kW) Thus for each HP too you will need 1.2kW system. Each 1kW, each HP will cost approx Rs 100,000… Without batteries it will be half this cost… and with subsidy it will even less. Make sure you use up all the space below the solar panels either for shade your terrace or roof, or as a car park, or place plants around it so that the water from cleaning the panels will water the plants.

Make sure the area solar panels cover have more than 2 or 3 uses. The cost of installation gets divided by the number of uses and the overall cost becomes negligible!!! On a good day at its best… 1KW solar panel system can provide more than double to triple its total rating 2.5KW to 3KW 'cause each panel gives 320W per hour when the sun is at its peak in summer!!! Therefore running behind subsidies is not really required. In many states of India subsides or free installation are given to only a small number of farmers each year. eg: Subsidised 1kw solar installation was given to only 10,000 people per year in Kerala under Anert in its 1st phase. You can get it installed by yourself too. Make sure you connect the positive to positive and negative to negative.

You can do this after watching a few youtube videos on the company's website. Since you will save Rs 2,000 per month and you will recover the full amount in just 4 Yrs and save Rs 2000 for the rest of your life NO SUBSIDY IS REALLY REQUIRED Solar panels have made giant strides in the last 5 years after China entered the market in a huge way. They have increased in their capacity by around 300% and decreased in their price by around 50%. This has made solar power genuinely affordable by every person on the planet. If this trend continues for another 5 years then we could get 900w panels at half the price.

Meaning a 1000sqft house could be powered by just 1 solar panel. e-Car could be recharged by 1 panel!!! That would be really incredible if it really happened! But it could happen with batteries too. Li-Ion is not THE solution but it is a temporary solution till the next generation batteries become available… These next-Gen batteries could cost half the price of Li-Ion and last 10- 25 yrs. Charging holding capacities & recharging capacities could also be double that of Li-Ion. This would be truly liberating! One part is create the energy. Another part is save the energy created! Reduce your energy footprint or requirement! This can be achieved by using LED Tublights.

They are 3x better than tubelights because they use less power… dont requier a choke (ballast) or starter thus are very low maintenance. It can be combined with multiple 3w LED bulbs that will light up only required area. Thus one 3W bulb placed intelligently is sufficient to watch TV in the evening instead of a 10W LED Tublight. Note that old style tubelights do not come below 30W. Restrict your TV screen size to less than 40. Today there are multiple TVs in a house and run a lot of hours. Use laptops instead of desktop computers. The latest laptops are more faster than computers 10yrs ago, use half the power and runs almost double the time. Sleeping early is not only good for your health but also your electricity bill wealth! Its impossible for most people!!! to sleep by 9PM but it would be a good habit if you could. Sleeping 1 hr after sunset would be the gold standard!!! How much does it give? How much will it give back in profit? In India the electricity bill is split in 3 slabs: LOW (0-100), Average or Middle Class (100 – 300, 301-500) & High (500 & abvoe) If you get 24×7 electricity AND your electricity bill is below Rs 1,000 THEN you do NOT NEED to think about installing solar panels.

If you suffer power cuts even once a week OR your electricity bill is ABOVE RS 1,000 then you NEED to think about installing solar panels. Because in future electricity will keep getting more and more expensive (due to inflation and greed of these companies) Lets check out the Return On Investment (ROI). If you put Rs 100,000 in FD at 7% pa you will get Rs 7,000 as interest per year… or… only Rs 583 per month! But if you put the same money to install Solar panels then it will save Rs 2,000 per month or Rs 24,000 EVERY YEAR!!! If you produce more electricity than you consume then you will not get the money but you will get negative bill If your consumed electricity worth Rs 2,100 then you will get billed only Rs 100. Even for those who use air conditioner this is beneficial. There are some who use air conditioner for 2 – 4 hrs in the night… a solar system will reduce their bill and they can enjoy longer hours of air conditioner or heater use.

Thus those who were getting bills of Rs 5,000 will now get Rs 3,000. Those who were getting bills of Rs 10,000 will now get Rs 8,000 If earlier they were getting electricity bill of Rs 6,000 With 1KW system they will get bill of Rs 4,000. 2KW system will save double that. Those with 5KW get ZERO bill. These are usually off grid systems or Hybrid system. They produce more energy than they consume. 5KW systems can handle more than 1 airconditioners! The ideal scenario would be to install a 5KW solar system (if budget is not a constraint). Especially if you have your own bungalow or row house, because installation of this can be easily done on your terrace and it will cool your roof too Its little more difficult to get it installed on the buildings because you will have to get permission from your neighbours or NOC from your housing societies Sometimes the terrace is blocked by sun/rain shades.

You could replace these shades with solar panels. Housing societies should install batteryless solar panels in common areas to reduce their electricity bills. This will reduce their maintenance cost experienced every month! On Grid, Off Grid or Hybrid solar system? Avoid batteries and connect to the grid if possible. 1) This is the cheapest 2) You save around 50% of the cost. 3) You save another 50% after 5yrs when you have to replace the batteries.

In off-grid systems you need batteries. The panels continuously power the batteries. The batteries in turn power the house. In ongrid the panels send power to the grid. The grid in turn powers the house. When the gird is down (during power cut) your house does not get electricity. Hybrid system sends electricity to the grid (reduces your electricity bill) and also recharges the battery thus you never experience powercuts. With off grid there is no electricity bill at all. With hybrid you have to pay the minimum electricity meter bill which includes standard charges, meter charges, tax if any etc. These charges too increases over time! Thus select which one to use according to your locality and use. With off grid system you get 24 hours electricity, 7 days a week. This is total independence, but you will have to pay for battery replacement. After 10 yrs batteries will cost half for double the capacity so it should not be a problem after the 2nd replacement. Do note that the electricity companies will NEVER PAY YOU MONEY for your electricity but will deduct it from your consumption over 12 months. If you consumed less then it will show negative bill and after 12 months the bill calculation will restart from zero.

It doesn’t take much imagination to visualise Power companies getting disrupted and going bankrupt within 25yrs… and they deserve to! Therefore understand… Power companies are not friends of Solar Energy they are ENEMIES of solar energy. How much does a 1kW solar system produce? 1KW system produces 1kW p/hr. Sunlight increases & decreases during sunrise, noon & sunset… Even if we both are neighbours living in the same area there is a possibility that both of us get different output …from our panels.

This is because output is affected by angle panels are mounted, cloud cover, overcast conditions, rain, shade falling upon the panels and even dust settlement on the panels. On the best hour on the best summer day the panel will put out 320w per hour!!! Morning sunlight is less… it increases till noon and then it reduces after couple of hrs. How many HP do you need on your water pump? Not everybody needs a 5HP pump. Many times these companies insist to install systems above 5HP because their profit on that is substantial! There is no subsidy above 5HP systems so they insist to install two 5KW systems. The horse power of the pump is dependent upon how far down below the ground the water is! If water is below 100feet below the ground then it is a very dangerous situation. Farming based on such condition is very risky.

More than installing a water pump what is MOST URGENT is bringing up the water table on your land. This can be very easily done by rainwater harvesting, sending rooftop rainwater directly into ground well… and creating a 6feet deep pond at least 25mtrs in length and suitable wide. This pond should not use plastic liner because the liner will prevent water from travelling under the ground. Plan for installing solar water pump the next year after the pond gets filled with rainwater. Because when the water table is high smaller solar system will be required and lesser batteries will be required. The reason why the water table has fallen below 100 feet is DIRECTLY due to chemical farming. This is happening since almost 50 to 100yrs. Farmer suicides are directly linked to chemical farming. No organic farmer has ever committed suicide! Wake up!! Chemical farmers have killed organisms in their own soil, killed biodiversity, poisoned thousands of people…

Finally when nothing grows on their soil, they experience repeated crop failures they take their own life… All chemical farmers find their cost increase every year. Nature had provided them with insects that improve the biodiversity and quality of soil, collect rainwater. But the greed of man to scale up doing monocropping has ruined farms after farms Earthworms create tunnels under the soil and these tunnels trap rainwater and send it under ground. Earthworms that used to harvest rainwater today no longer exist so the. water gets collected in the top soil and then it gets washed away Make sure that 10% of the area of your farm is a pond. 6feet deep and 25m in length, width can be as per situation. Never use plastic liner. Once the pond is in place water level on the farm will rise and once the level is stable you can install the solar water pump! This will save you lakhs of rupees in future and also save your farm from future setbacks! If you have sufficient water then there is no requirement for a big pump.

Also make sure the water is not exposed to sunlight for long periods because sun will steal a huge amount of the water! Since the pump can work continuously from sunrise to sunset there is no urgency to pump a lot of water within a short period. So it is possible to work with a smaller pump. You can also hire or borrow 1hp, 3hp & 5hp pumps to test howmuch capacity ones you require before you actually buy it. If you have any doubts or comments please mention them in the comments section… we love to hear from you.. Hope you liked the video. Please like and subscribe the video. Thank you..

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