सोलर पैनल से चालयें डायरेक्ट AC, फ्रिज & मोटर बिना बैटरी के | Ac Module Solar System for home

In today video we are going to see. People are finding solution to reduce electircity bill Sankar Naryan sir founded one solution Lets talk with Sankar Naryan sir Friends we are with Mr Sankar Naryan sir Welcome sir in Loom Solar channel Thank you Sir,Why you install Ac module solar system? Only to reduce electricity bill Because of reducing electricity bill and reducing pollution Currently its working nice It produce 6 unit electricity per day Sir, what is electricity rate in this area? Maxium per unit 5 rupee Above 500 electricity rate is 5 rupee per unit It will reduce 3 rupee when it below 500 unit After installation of Loom Solar it will reduce 3 rupee Sir ,electricity will consume 500 to 800 unit which will settle down next 2 month
by intalling panel it reduce So currently sir has to pay 4 rupee There is some language issue Sir is speaking Tamil I understand that with great difficulty.

The electricity bill is high there To reduce electricity bill he install ac module When sir electricity bill is below 500 unit Then he has to pay 3 rupee per unit According to that sir electricity bill is reduce alot. Sir, how much electricity bill reduce? More than 50% I think you got that more than 50% reduce bill currently By only installing 1kw ac module Sir how much you are saving in monthly bill? 1500rs reduce monthly after installing solar system Normally bill upto 3,500 to 4,500 it reduce upto 1,500 rs Currently it comes 2,500 upto 3,000 Sir, how much it cost 1kw ac module before 1year? Total it cost me 1lakh rupee Including all componenet. Total it cost him 1lakh rupee Including micro inverters and mobile monitor device Currently without enphase it not supporting Because micro inverter are not working After production it export high After calling in enphase that problem is solved. So friends we want to know sir what are the appliances you are using now? AC fridge 2 water motor 10 lights 4 fan I am using them for daily use Mixer- grinder Sugumaran sir how you got that order? Loom solar ac module 375 panel installed there Currently it producing 6 unit per day Because it is Vellore.

It will give maximum performence There poly panels are sufficient but mono will produce more You will see near there poly panels poly will give 4 unit per day but mono will give 6 unit per day Sir, what is the temperature there? Maximum 45 degree there In 45 degree poly will work But currently mono will work better Example 1panel of 375w Maximum2.2 unit electricity will produce In peak hours Sir can you tell us how you install that ? One year before Currently one year working that installation One year before that installation done Why you install that panel at low height? I Install low height because for properly fixing on roof
because i cannot drill on that roof So friends here you can see it is closer to main road Thats why thereb is os much dust over there. So to solve that our customer place a broom over there With that broom he can easily clean panels You can see greenire over there There is temperature is also high That's why generation is also high.

Friends i want show you something As you are aware its 1kw on grid solar system There you can see micro inverter over there For saftey purpose They place a switch inside the panel stand I didn't seen that earlier yet Customer place switch over the panel stand So friends here you can see There is net meter also To getting net meter he took 4 months There is ENVOY too. Soo friends it is on grid system There is also power cut there sometime For that he have 2 batteries are there When power cut happen they use battery power. Friends you can see the electric connection there. This is there old meter This is new net meter and Here you can see after installing new net meter there
DISCOM didn't replace the old meter it still there. Go Green Go For Solar It is good for environment thats why we have to
install solar system And electrical vehicals are also coming all re going for green Green india Veloore is smart city so we are installing solar panel
every where because of enviroment Thank you Sir thanks for giving your preciouse time.

welcome So friends we are see today In all over india electricity rate is too high thats
why people installing Ac module solar system Sankar sir also install that ac module because of that Like we have seen He is using more than 60% load running from solar and 35 % consuming from EB So friends we are hoping you like our video If you like our video then like it share it and subscribe our channel Thanks for watching.

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