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Sir, If I join your company, then how much money can I earn monthly? See, we started our company in 2018. At the start of 2019, many people joined our company. And now, they sell goods worth Rs. 3 Lac/month, This means, their turnover is nearly Rs. 35 Lac. -Rs. 35 Lac?
-Yes, a turnover of Rs. 35 Lac. And it increases by 3 times every year. 3 times? Yes, it increases by 3 times every year. [Music] I always keep trying for all the subscribers of Manufacturer's Guide Channel. That I always bring unique business opportunities for you.

Which you can start with minimum investment and can earn a good profit. If you start a business by watching the video. Then you can make your own identity in the market. So, as usual, today I bring the same type of business opportunity for you. For which I came to Haryana. Where I'll introduce you to Amul Sir. Where Sir brings that type of business opportunity for you. Which you can start in your area with minimum investment. So, let's know from Sir, that what's the new business opportunity for you. Hello Sir. Thank You Darshan Sir that you came to Faridabad, Haryana from Nasik. For shooting this video. And you have done very hard work. And I want that your viewers. Get a good business idea which they can start with a minimum investment. So, Sir tell our viewers about your company. So, I'll take 2 minutes to explain Loom Solar. Loom Solar is a startup.

Which is approved by the Govt. Of India. It was established in 2018. And we completed our journey of 2 years. Okay. In the last 2 years, there are nearly 1.5k shopkeepers or entrepreneurs. -Who are working with us.
-Okay. We, work all over the India. Loom Solar works in every state of India. -Okay.
-Okay. We manufacture the Solar Panel in our factory. Our factory is situated in Sonipat, Haryana. So, we manufacture the ever best quality Solar panels. Which is called Monocrystalline Panels. Which consumes less electricity. Or can generate power in cloudy weather too. Okay. This is a unique product. Else this, we recently. We launched a Solar A.C. Model. So that you can run your A.C. using Solar energy instead of Inverter. If you research more about Loom Solar. Just go open Google. And search for Loom Solar. There you'll get a lot of information about Loom Solar.

-If we talk about the Media Coverage. Because it's a Startup. -Right.
-Approved from Govt. Of India. Else this, our company is ISO 9001, 2015 certified. This means that we manufacture quality products. Next, we have a certificate of CE. That means the product of Loom Solar is manufactured in India. -We can export it too.
-Right. Only a few Companies get the certificate of CE. Only the company gets the certificate who wants to work out of India too. From this, you come to know the quality of our products. Okay. So, Sir as you say that the company.

You can search about the company over Google. So this is a trustable Company. So, you can do a blind business with them. So, I bring the same types of people over my channel. So, subscribe to my channel first. So, you don't miss any new upcoming business ideas. Or do like the video. So that we achieved the target of 50k likes. So, Sir as you say. That you manufactured Solar Panels. Yes. So, our viewers think that why enter in this field? Because it's totally new for them. Obviously, they are interested to try in a new field. Then, why target this field, and what's the scope? I'll take 2 minutes to explain this.

That why Solar is the future. -Yes.
-If you go over the internet and ask anyone. Then he'll tell you that Solar is the future. -Right.
-There are some logic and answer behind it. First, we all know that petrol or diesel is going to be finished. In the next few years. Second, the rate of electricity is increasing. -Yes.
-Rate of electricity is bursting at the seams.

Even, there is a shortage of electricity in some areas. Sometimes the power fluctuated too. After that the third and the biggest reason. The government wants that in every house. Generate electricity. This means the people who are building their homes. They generate their own electricity by using Solar Panel instead of buying it from Govt. Okay. All these parameters indicate that the upcoming time will be of Solar Panel. -Right.
-As you see that. If we talk about history. There was an evolution of computers many years ago. It changed the whole world. Then, we innovate the Mobile Phones. Right. So, in every decade, a different industry took place. Before this, there was a telecom industry like Airtel, Vodafone. There were too many companies. And recently E-commerce took place like Amazon, Flipcart, etc. Before this, Baking took place like HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc. Right. So a new industry takes place in the market every decade. Right. And everyone believes Solar takes place in the next 10 years. And if you watch the budget speech of this year by PM Modi.

If you watch one or two speeches. So, Pm Modi Sir told that in the next 10 years. The whole decade is going to be Solar. Oh. This decade. Is going to be India's startup. This decade. Is going to be India's Global Leaders. This decade. Is going to be Industry 4.0 in India and to be its strong network. This decade. Is going to happen in India powered by renewable energy. That's why there is a lot of opportunities in this Industry. -A lot of Opportunities?
-Yes, a lot of Opportunities. Sir, as you say that you have your own manufacturing unit.

Providing business to people in Solar Field. So, if our viewers want to join your company. If they want to become a dealer or a distributor, how could they do that? Explain it. Any entrepreneur can join our company in three ways. Okay. The first and the easiest that he can work as a dealer. Second, he can work as a distributor. Third, he can work as an Installer. We also introduce a new way to join in which, If you don't want to become a dealer, distributor. You just have to work on the computer. For this, we made affiliates. So, there are 4 ways to join our company.

Okay. So, the simple way as I see. -To become a dealer.
-Yes. -Explain to us in detail.
-Let me explain to you. I believe that if you want to start any business. Then you face many difficulties. The first problem you face i.e. you have the technical knowledge of it. -You have to know about it.
-Right. Second, you must have a shop. Third, you need a lot of money to invest.

So to solve all these problems, we launch a unique business model. For those who want to start their business for the first time. Want to become an entrepreneur for the first time. Someone wants to try in the field for the first time. The process to become a dealer is very easy. Just go to Loom Solar.com. And search for dealer registration. Then the link appears, you have to click on the link. The advantages to become a dealer are mentioned there. Just go there and then click on 'add to cart' and then fill in your information there. Then, pay an amount of Rs, 1k and then you will become our dealer. Then a dedicated Relationship Manager is assigned for you. Who clear all your doubts i.e. he'll support you. That how to extend your business. Okay. So, as you say that we have to submit Rs. 1k for registration. Then what's the next step?
Let assume that I also received the call. And I'm interested. So what's the next step? Once you registered yourself with our company.

We'll get your name, email id, or contact number. -Now, I have to extend your business.
-Yes. And I have to provide you the technical knowledge too. So from the city, you belong. Our distributor who is present in that city. We'll forward your details to him. He'll help you in 3-4 ways. Firstly, your business gets registered on the Loom Solar Website. This means the people near you, who want to purchase solar panels. They will contact you. Second, the distributor will provide you the technical training. That what's a solar panel and how it works? What's its price? He'll also provide you the price list. Okay. Else this, if they want to check that any installation has been done in their area. Then, the distributor also shows it to you. This means the distributor becomes the Single Point of Contact. Or if you need more help or want to directly contact the company. There are Regional Managers above the Distributors. Who provides supports to the Distributor or Dealer directly through the company. You can contact him too.

Okay. Or, if I found any customer who wants to install Solar Panel in his house. Then, what will be the profit margin, or how much can I earn/ month? It depends on the number of customers you have. Normally, the percentage of profit would be 10-15% of the total cost. And what's the cost of 1 unit?
If a customer wants to install Solar Panel. Then, what's the MRP of a product? The price of the Solar Panel starts from Rs. 750. And its price is up to Rs. 30k. Okay. If you install a system of 1kw.

Which include battery, inverter, panel, and installation. So, the total cost would be Rs. 1 Lac. But its actual price is Rs. 95k. But after installing a system of 1kw, you don't need electricity. Oh. This means you can run your home appliances on Solar. -On Solar only?
-Yes, on 1kw. -Okay.
-Yes. -So, these are the advantages?
-Yes, these are the advantages Yes. So, I can earn a profit of Rs. 10-15k/ installation. You can earn Rs. 10-15k/deal. That means you can earn Rs. 10-15k. Okay. The main work of a Dealer is to do marketing only. Yes. Once we received an order, then you have to do nothing. -Yes.
-You can either call Relationship Manager. Or you have to tell the distributor. That I have a customer who wants to install the Solar Panel. Our distributor also helps in converting the customer into sales. RM also helps in converting the customer into sales. You have to generate the inquiry. This means I have to give you customers only, then I'll get my share.

-Definitely, you'll get your share.
-Okay. See, our distributors are available in every city. Okay. So you just have to forward the customer details to the distributor. The distributor will send your goods to the customer's house. And distributor also installs the setup too. The distributor will do everything. -Okay.
-Yes. So, now most of our viewers are interested to become a dealer. Because the profit margin is good. But, you're talking about the distributor again and again. Then, who can become the distributor, or what will be the business model for them? You have to follow the criteria to become a distributor. The first thing to keep in mind that only one distributor for one city. Okay. So, if there's already a distributor, they can't become a distributor in the same city. Second, two criteria are must to become a distributor. You must have a shop. Or you must have a running GST Number. Okay. So, if you have a shop and a GST number. -Then you can apply for the distributorship.

With this, many dealers and customers purchase goods from you. Then it is a must to purchase goods worth Rs. 1 Lac in a week. -It is a must because I have a shop.
-Yes. Okay. And what are the advantages of becoming a distributor? The distributor's post is bigger than the Dealer's post. Because only one distributor is appointed in one district. Right. As you have a shop, so many customers reach to your shop. Mainly dealers. Customers and dealers reach your shop. So, your sales increase. Right. That's why your investment is much more. So, if you want to become a distributor. The registration amount is Rs. 5k. And what about the profit margin? The profit margin is more than a dealer. You'll get a 15-20% margin. So, if you want to join Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. Their contact number is given in the description box. Their address is also given below, so you can visit their company. You can meet personally and can get detailed information about this business.

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