आटा चकी के बिजली बिल करें Zero, सोलर लगायें बने Hero😎? #solar Panel Cost for Atta Chakki Motor?

Welcome Back Friends! Today, I will discuss about very common topic that is useful for every villages and cities. Atta Chakki Meal In this video, we will know about How can I reduce electricity bill of atta chakki meal We will know about What is the purpose? What are the main components? It's pricing Wiring Connection Is any Loan / EMI available for this? Where can I get more details? First, we know about What is the purpose of it? Generally, there are 20-25 Atta Chaki meal in every villages and cities. But still, these are running on Diesel / Electricity. Diesel cost is rising in India Due to rising cost of Diesel, People are finding alternative option to run Atta Chaki meal They are switch on an electricity or stop the business .

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